23 Hours

How I went from being a self sabotaging, anxious, underpaid woman to earning almost 4x my salary, manifesting my soul mate, becoming a digital CEO and rebuilding the relationship with my mother 

Rachel Rose’s love languages can be described in these key words: JOY; POWER; LOVE and FREEDOM. She believes she is here in this lifetime as a Feminine Leadership Coach, Reiki Master and Shamanic Alchemist. She leads women through their transformation journeys by helping them awaken their divine feminine power and guiding them on how to break their deep-rooted generational cycles in order to become the Leader of their lives that they were born to be. As a trained Life Coach, Reiki and Shamanic and Alchemy Practitioner, she fuses client training, energy healing modalities, archetypal psychology and divination techniques in order to aid her clients to break the glass ceiling and reach that next level of success. Rachel will be starting her Masters degree in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health later this year to further enhance her understanding of the human mind. 

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Here's what to expect in the training:

How to develop unshakable confidence and belief in yourself when it comes to your career and money. The necessary questions to start asking yourself in order to start changing how you would like your relationship with money to work in your favour. How to heal your subconscious dissociation and why not doing so will keep you from accessing your highest potential.

How to find love on your OWN terms by healing your parental wounds directly. How to fall in love with setting consistent and healthy boundaries that support your well being whilst attracting top calibre potential mates. How to learn about the SOUL of a man and why skipping this step keeps you in eternal dating limbo.

How to develop the best relationship with your mother you have had yet so that you are no longer controlled by your childhood traumas. How to reclaim your inner power as a sovereign, separate woman by transforming the dysfunction in your mother-daughter relationship into your superpower. How to use these tools to develop razor sharp focus on what abundance you wish to attract next in your life so that you can start attracting it with ease.

Hear From People Who Have Worked With Rachel...

Shivani Gerard
London, UK

 "My ‘worst case scenario’ self talk constantly crept in when thinking about goals I wished to achieve, but Rachel not only helped me to reframe how I thought about these goals and actually think about what would succeeding in them look like, but also to understand that that voice wasn’t an inner enemy as I’d always considered it, but almost a form of protection I’d set in my mind to try and prevent such things happening to me. This change in narrative changed everything".

Erin Ramsey
California, USA
 "My two main issues were love issues and career issues. I am huge in manifestation but I always had a block with finding a man and I didn't know why. I think I manifested a man - it's insane. I know I couldn't have done this without Rachel, if I hadn't focused on myself and done the work necessary on 'Erin' on the inside. I would have been doing the same things as I had been doing before. Even though I had good practices in place and for example,  any time I had a bad date, I would try and reinforce that there were actually good men out there. The details form the trainings  and out of the box thinking really transformed my mind and my heart. And that is just a fraction of it! The other focus I had was monetising my podcast which is still a work in progress. In the beginning, I was so stressed out because I was so used to the success and steady income of my automotive career and now I am building a business. There were sleepless nights but now, I just have a sense of peace that is ALL going to work out. I am trusting my gut. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that my bucket is full and I wake up with a pep in my step because I LOVE what I'm doing! I cannot thank you enough Rachel for your guidance, wisdom and friendship."

Rose Howell
Newcastle, UK

 "I no longer knew what I wanted to achieve in my professional career. I was unhappy with my loss of ambition but unsure how to regain it or what I wanted to do. Through the support and encouragement we reviewed influences, set goals and better understood the causes. I am still on a journey however can see how far I have come, my focus is back, I know where I want to go and am focused to get there. I would not be here without Rachel’s support".

Bridget Braun
Hawaii, USA

 "Rachel helped me to understand my relationships with my parents and how they have affected me as an adult. This opened up so much for me that I had not previously been aware of. Now, I am aware of the things I do as a result of my parents and I can work to change the behaviours. Before working with Rachel, I felt lost and confused. I did not feel like I had much ownership of my own life or control over it. Now, after my sessions with Rachel, I have been able to find that ownership! I feel so much more freedom and hope. All of these things have helped my daily anxiety tremendously and have helped me to take control of my own life. While I’m not perfect in only three months, now I have the tools to continue setting and keeping boundaries on my own. I strongly encourage anyone who can to work with Rachel. Not only is she a lovely human being but she has truly changed my life for the better!"


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