Mother Wound Alchemy™

Become the Mother You Never Had in Order to Become the Woman You Were Born to Be


Course Summary

- 8 weeks of blended independent self-study and private coaching

 - 4 x Online self-study modules that consist of pre-recorded video trainings, reflective exercises,  Mp3 downloadable meditations and end of module short assessments 

-BONUS MODULE: Newly added for 2022 and access able to all enrolled students (LIFETIME ACCESS)

-Individual Mentorship: 3 x 60 mins private coaching video calls to be taken during the duration of the course period (Available with 1:1 Coaching and VIP Plan)

-Extra Mentorship Support: Up to 2 voicenotes totalling 10 mins per week via Voxer (to be taken during the duration of the course) (Available with VIP Plan)

- Ongoing Peer Support: 1 x Private Community for course students and alumnis 

-Online graduation and gratitude ceremony

Content Breakdown

Module 1: Confrontation

You will be taking a deeper look at how patriarchy plays a part in the Mother Wound, the power dynamics at play in a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship, identifying the multiple roles you played (and perhaps still play) as the Puppet-Daughter and how to channel anger through somatic healing.

Module 2: Grief

You will be allowing yourselves to work through the different stages of grief by letting go of the shame and guilt associated with your childhood and the pain that your mother caused you. This will involve using my Triple A Method™ as well as sound healing, art therapy and pre-birth regression.

Module 3: De-enmeshment

You will be holding the values of your mother and your own values side by side to awaken your initiation into Selfhood. You will also be looking at the roles that you play in other relationships and signs that you are projecting the Mother Wound on to other people and how this can be transformed by identifying your own key strengths and learning how to reparent yourself.

Module 4: Rebirth

You will be learning about healthy boundary setting via non-violent communication, no contact/limited contact and giving your mother the gift of healing herself. You will also be identifying what your soul purpose is and learning how to navigate life by operating from your why rather than from outside validation. 

Optional Gratitude and Graduation Ceremony

Khami Malie

Lesotho, Southern Africa

I no longer restrict myself in terms of what is possible for me and my life choices...
I joined the Mother Wound Healing webinar because I understood it was about an issue pertaining to our mothers and our relationships with them so when I decided to join the Mother Wound Alchemy course, my intention was to get to the root of the mother wound and heal from it. I  no longer wanted it to be something that was lingering in my life especially now that  I have a daughter of my own. I really did not want to pass on that kind of energy and resentment onto her. I wanted to have a more nurturing relationship with her but also with myself. By completing the exercises in the course, I gained a greater sprit of intentionality with my thoughts, actions and my planning. I no longer restrict myself in terms of what is possible for me and my life choices. I have a lot more ease in my life now and there is no fear or desire to please others  over and above myself. After completing module 2, I realised that the Mother Wound was not just about my relationship with my mum but also how much it affected other relationships. I realised that I was not being genuine in some of these relationships and that I had assumed a role as a result of my unhealed wound. I loved the session I had with Rachel about hyper-indepedence with women and understand that I do not have to be strong all the time.

Zahraa Hammoud

Beirut, Lebanon

I became more ME and I am REALLY PROUD OF THAT!
My intention when joining the course was to get to know the part of myself that I avoided for a long time. I wanted to build a better connection not only with myself but also with my parents. The course is INCREDIBLE – I gained more self confidence, new found self love, new perspectives; I learned how to compromise  and understand how to act and not react. I learned to love myself more and stop blaming myself for everything that went wrong between myself and my mother. I understand now that I wasn’t to blame. They weren’t to blame. These are just events in the past – I understand now that no one is the victim because it just depends on how we look at a situation. I became more ME and I am REALLY proud of that! I used to make a lot of decisions based on what my parents accepted and didn’t accept – I felt obligated to do this. As long as they were happy, I was happy, when in fact I was miserable! I now feel free to choose who I want to be in a relationship with, what job I want to take etc. and I am much more confident in this aspect now. I became more outgoing and I am more comfortable speaking out when I feel that I am not being treated unfairly particularly at work. I used to do stuff because I wanted to prove that a woman in a hijab can also do them. I now do things based on what I personally like to do. I now have a lot of boundaries in place in my everyday life. The course shifted so much for me that I ended a romantic relationship that had not been happy in for a long time. I had the courage from this course to be honest about the fact that this relationship was no longer working for me. I now have time to focus on myself and I have applied for higher education!

Anisa Bocus-Bhojram

Essex, UK

I feel emancipated and I feel as though I am finally free...
I cried when I completed the art therapy exercise and felt a huge sense of achievement...I know all the words that I used in this exercise describe me and not the hurtful things adults used to say to me as a child. This exercise was also healing because my parents never liked to see me drawing or colouring as it was a 'waste of time' and so I forgot how artistic I was but doing this task helped me remember. At the age of 35, I am at the stage where I’m trying to accept things I cannot change like my childhood .I understand now as a result of the trainings in this course that that my mother did the best that she could. With her unhealed trauma,  she only did what she could do, not what I wanted her to do. I now understand that by forcing the issue, which I have tried to do in the past, I’ve only ended up feeling resentment, bitterness and anger. I am accepting of the fact that my ideal version of my mother is never ever going to arrive. What this means for me in terms of finding meaning is that I feel emancipated and I feel as though I am finally free. The freedom of this burden is a very lovely feeling -  it is light, it is like some bricks have been taken off of my shoulders. It is so good because I can do things now without feeling that I must have my mother's approval. I am determined that any future generation will not have to suffer in the way that I did and I will not let the past from generations before blight the bright future of the generation of my daughter and those to come.  These days I am focusing on uplifting myself, and aligning myself to a higher frequency and reversing the harmful negative ways of thinking that my mother would encourage in my mind, and I am seeing the benefits of things like praying, things like meditation, I think that on a spiritual level, my intuition and psychic gifts are opening up and long may that continue!   Healing is painful and at times it can be unbearable however this growth is very much necessary. I feel like I've made progress and I am so glad that the Universe had myself and Rachel's paths cross so that I could do this healing work.

Course Curriculum

Rachel Rose | The Healing Rose Holistics®

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